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Direction of emulation to perform key tasks, break through “stressful stage, difficult work”

Factory Z121 (transaction name is 21 Chemical One Member Limited Liability Company) is considered one of the units always leads the TĐQT movement of the General Department of Defence Industry (CNQP). It must be said that, besides the advantages of a unit with 2 times Heroic history in tradition and more than half a century of construction and development, the process of organizing the TĐQT movement at Factory Z121 must also face certain difficulties. A dominant feature is that, in the 2014-2019 period, the factory’s production and defense tasks are not stable, and production assurance factors are sometimes inadequate; economic production has many fluctuations in material and raw material prices and is affected by weather. This is also the period when Factory has to focus on dismantling and solving the aftermath of the firework incident since 2013. In the face of that fact, the Party Committee and the Factory’s commanders have identified the central target in the 2014 – 2019 period is to be determined to overcome difficulties, successfully complete production – business tasks, maintain growth rate, and ensure employment and income for employees. To accomplish this goal, promoting the movement of international groups in association with the implementation of key political tasks is very important, and at the same time must be associated with the implementation of Directive No. 05-CT/TW of the Politburo (Session XII) on learning and following Ho Chi Minh’s ideology, morality and style, Directive No. 788-CT / QUTW of the Standing Central Military Commission on launching the Campaign “Promoting traditions, tribute donating talent, worthy of Uncle Ho’s army “. In fact, thanks to grasping, implementing synchronously, comprehensively, actively innovating the content and implementation form, the TĐQT movement at Z121 Factory has grown in breadth and depth, closely combined of regular emulation and raid emulation, promoting exemplary pioneer spirit of cadres and Party members, the aggressiveness and creativity of youth; becomes a great spiritual driving force that encourages and encourages officers, employees, and workers to strive to rise up and successfully complete all tasks.

Hướng thi đua vào thực hiện nhiệm vụ trọng tâm, đột phá vào “khâu căng, việc khó”
Performance at the Preliminary Conference Directive 05 on learning and following Ho Chi Minh’s ideology, morality and style organized by the Party Committee of the General Department of CNQP at Factory Z121 (July 2019)

Z121 factory performs the task of producing pyrotechnic ignition devices for national defense and produces a number of products for the national economy, such as: industrial explosives, explosive accessories, fireworks … With nearly 50 types semi-finished products for defense, the Z121 Factory holds a “key” position in ensuring a number of other units to fulfill the general tasks of the General Department. If the Z121 is behind schedule, it will also cause the related units to “miss the production”. Therefore, in the process of organizing the TĐQT movement, Factory has assigned tasks to the affiliated units associated with specific emulation objectives and targets; especially, promoting emulation in production of first-stage semi-finished products, products with high technical requirements and urgent requirements on progress, ensuring timely delivery to other factories under contracts. For economic production tasks, Factory boosts production to meet market demand, especially products with great value such as non-electrical differential crew, safety differential crew, explosive wire … fireworks and industrial explosives products, the factory actively expanded export markets, bringing the total export value in the past 5 years to nearly VND160 billion.

The outstanding feature in organizing the TDQT movement focuses on the key task, breaking through the “stressful stage, difficult work”, that is, Factory has effectively implemented emulation movements “Excellent Labor, Creative Labor”, “Creative Youth”… Thereby, promoting scientific research, implementing many topics, works of mechanization, automation, contributing to ensuring safety in production, and improve product quality. In the last 5 years, the factory has carried out 85 scientific and technological research projects at all levels, 38 mechanical engineering, automation … Especially, in the period 2014 – 2019, the factory has implemented 7 major projects to improve production capacity, with a total investment of nearly VND1,500 billion, contributing to the development of the local industry. Typically the project “Investment in fireworks production lines and storage of defense materials” at the new location; the project “Investing in an emulsion production line” … These are strategic projects, creating an important premise for the sustainable development of the Factory.

Due to the organization of the TĐQT movement aimed at implementing key political tasks, from 2014 to the present, the Z121 Factory has always exceeded the production – business targets, the growth rate of next year is higher than the previous year. Production – business results in 2018 compared to 2014, in production value increased by 1.27 times; turnover value increased by 1.19 times; the added value increases 1.15 times; Government budget payment increased 1.29 times; average income increased 1.1 times. From the results achieved, Z121 Factory has been recognized by superiors with 2 times being awarded the Emulation Flag of the General Department of Defence Industry, Certificate of Merit from the Ministry of National Defence, of the General Department of Defence Industry. In particular, in 2016, the Factory was honored to be awarded the Second Class National Defence Medal by the President.

Hướng thi đua vào thực hiện nhiệm vụ trọng tâm, đột phá vào “khâu căng, việc khó”
Worker of Workshop A4 / Factory Z121 produces an explosive signal wire

The experience that the Party Committee, the Board of Directors of the Plant has drawn from the reality of organizing the TĐQT movement, that is: Party committees, commanders at all levels in the unit must properly evaluate the role of emulation, reward and determine the emulation content suitable to the situation of the unit, in each moment, each stage and must be concretized at all levels and mass organizations. In addition to the common mission, it is necessary to direct the emulation movement into the implementation of key tasks, breakthrough stages, overcoming weak sides. Besides, it is necessary to focus on renewing the content and renewing form and methods of organizing the emulation movement; closely linking technical emulation activities with mass organizations’ emulation. Special attention should be paid to building and replicating an advanced example, promptly rewarding and motivating; create conditions for the advanced examples to bring into play an active role in the unit, strive to maintain the title and discover and foster new elements in the emulation movement.

Hướng thi đua vào thực hiện nhiệm vụ trọng tâm, đột phá vào “khâu căng, việc khó”
Z121 Factory received the Certificate of Merit from the Head of the General Department of  Defence Industry at the Emulation Congress of General Department of  Defence Industry for the period 2014 – 2019

Just as President Ho Chi Minh expressed in his letter to the fellow-citizen about patriotic emulation in 1949: “Patriot Emulation is for our own benefits, for our family and for the village and for the country, for the nation”. It can be said that the TĐQT movement plays an important role in completing the political mission of the Z121 Factory. The movement has created a positive change in building a stable political, ideological and party organization unit; creating motivation for collectives and individuals to promote their responsibilities and having emulation between individuals and collectives, from which progress, productivity and quality of completing tasks are gradually raised. In the upcoming period, Z121 Factory determined to continue promoting learning and following Ho Chi Minh’s ideology, morality and style for cadres, Party members, employees and workers, especially ideas of the Patriotic Emulation; pay more attention to the innovation of methods and ways for the TĐQT movement to be comprehensively deployed, with strong pervasive power and practical efficiency, contributing to building Z121 Factory to grow stronger day by day.


Senior Lieutenant Colonel CHU VIET SON – Secretary of Party Committee, Chairman of 21 Chemical One Member Limited Liability Company.

Table of contents