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Over 50 years of construction and growth, experiencing many ups and downs of history, Z121 Factory (21 Chemical One Member Limited Liability Company) always affirms the maturity and growth with practical contributions to the Defence Industry by creating the products described as “the heart of weapons”, made by the hands, brains, career passion of the military soldier class Z121. That position and brand are affirmed not only in the domestic market but also in the international one, worthy of the title of Z121 – a twice heroic unit.

Z121 Factory is tasked with producing defense products (including explosives, fire particles, fire sets for shells, catapults for mortars, anti-tank bullets, buds, slow fire wire. …), providing units with weapons for training and instant fight. In addition, the factory is allowed by the Ministry of Defence to produce a number of dual-use items for the national economy, such as: industrial explosives, explosive accessories (incinerators, electric detectors, differential groups of all kinds … ) and fireworks of all kinds for domestic and export demand.

Over more than 50 years of building, fighting and growing, with a spirit of solidarity, promoting collective intelligence, dare to think, dare to do, dare to take responsibility, the factory has constantly developed and well completed the assigned tasks, been awarded with noble awards by the Party and State, including twice being awarded the Hero unit title: Hero of the People’s Army Forces (1989), Labor Hero in Doi Moi (2004), together with many other noble medals …

Promoting the tradition of the twice Heroic unit, along with the advantage of a defense unit with exclusive pyrotechnic ignition devices, Z121 Factory has constantly risen, flourished and achieved excellent results in the field of production and business.

From 2015 onwards, with the wise leadership and direction of the collective Party Committee, Board of Directors, production and business activities of the Factory continuously maintained stability and development, the employment and income are guaranteed, the employees’ material and spiritual life is constantly raised.

One of the Factory’s top priority tasks is to ensure that the political mission is well completed. In response to the requirements and plans assigned by the superiors, the Party Committee and the Factory commanders direct the subordinate units to proactively propose solutions to implement the tasks in proper progress, productivity and product quality. The most common and effective measure that grassroots-level units have applied is assigning plans to organize emulation movements, under which each unit bases on characteristics of situation, functions, assigned tasks and plans must themselves define emulation objectives and targets by data, specific works and products, and assign them to each team, group or individual for implementation. The process of implementing emulation movements, commissars and commanders at all levels, mass organizations should regularly encourage production stages, directing the emulation unit to ensure semi-finished products in the first stage, products with high technical requirements, products with urgent progress requirements to ensure timely service for production and supply to the contractual units. Thanks to the application of this measure, up to now, the implementation of political tasks in all departments has met and exceeded the set schedule, and both the productivity and product quality have exceeded expectations, contributing to completing the overall political mission of the Factory.


For the task of producing and consuming economic products, the factory has boosted production to meet the needs of the market, especially products of great value, such as: Non-electric differential detonators, safety differential detonators, explosive wires … The factory has been drastically implementing trade activities to expand export markets, giving top priority to fireworks products and explosive accessories to Japan and the US market and exporting industrial explosive materials to a number of countries in Southeast Asia. Total export value in 5 years (2015-2020) reached over 190 billion VND (up 2.6 times compared to the previous period), of which fireworks export was 110 billion VND. Besides organizing production tasks, the factory also focuses on technology investment, determining that investment in projects will be a strategy for the sustainable development of the plant. From 2015 up to now, the factory has focused its resources on implementing 11 projects with a total investment of nearly 1,500 billion VND. Up to now, 6 projects have been completed and put into operation, typically: Project “Investment in fireworks production lines and material storage for defense”; Project “Investment in an emulsion explosives production line”. The remaining projects are in the process of being finalized as planned.

Thanks to the determination and ceaseless efforts of all factory staff, every year, the factory always exceeded production and business targets, the growth rate of following year was higher than the previous year. Comparative data in the period clearly shows the growth, the total revenue value in the period 2015-2020 increases more than VND1,300 billion compared to the total revenue in the period 2010-2015; the average growth rate is higher than the previous period of 6.64% / year; the added value increases by 5.7% / year; average income increased by 5.3% / year compared to the previous period.

Promoting the tradition of Hero units, the Factory has overcome all difficulties in human, material, technology… in order to successfully research and manufacture many types of pyrotechnic ignition devices, contributing to the construction and development of the Defence Industry, improving the military’s combat strength, meeting the requirements of the mission to protect the country in the new period. As a result, in the past 5 years, 79 science and technology projects have been implemented, including 01 ministry-level project, 08 General Department-level projects, 36 grassroots-level subjects, and 34 coordination projects. Many research projects on pyrotechnic ignition devices with high technical content for modern weapons have been successfully researched and manufactured, typically: Pyrotechnic ignition devices for new model anti-tank bullets; assorted fire sets for Navy and Air Force; new model mortars, thermosets of all kinds… Deployed to implement 42 mechanization and automation projects with a total bonus value of more than VND3.1 billion; reviewed 10 initiatives and recognized 1,214 initiatives with a benefit value of nearly VND20 billion.

The efficiency gained from production and business activities helps the factory to pay attention to and take care of the mobilization and social security. From 2015 up to now, the factory, together with all employees, has supported the fund “For the poor” with the amount of VND2.87 billion; deploying support for building 03 “houses of gratitude”; 10 “Team Houses”; 04 “Great unity houses”; 03 houses “Union home, team love”, 01 “100 dong House ” with a total value of VND1.6 billion. With the positive contributions of the unit, which helped 07/09 communes be accepted as the new rural standards, the factory was awarded 02 Certificates of Merit from the Minister of Defence in implementing the emulation movement “Army join forces to build a new countryside” 2016-2020; awarded Certificate of Merit by the Minister of Defence to the collective Z121 Factory in implementing the emulation movement “Army join hands for the poor – No one will be left behind” 2016-2020.

Recognizing the achievements achieved in recent years, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the tradition, the Z121 Factory was honored to receive the Second Class National Defence Medal from the President. That award is a great source of encouragement for the collective of factory staff to continue emulating and well accomplish the national defense-economic tasks in 2020-2021, building a strong and comprehensive unit, contributing to building and developing the Defence Industry in a new stage.


Table of contents